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Reform Harsh Marijuana Laws

by supporting our

Legal Defense Fund

for the defense of the reverend Bruce Shoop
and his wife Brenda William-Shoop, RN
in the defense of their recent indictments
in The State of Alabama where clear personal
use and healthy gardening practices have
resulted in them being charged as Class A
Felons according to State Code 13A-12-231.

If convicted, they may both may face up to
10 years in prison for peacefully growing
a God given herb in the privacy of their
own personal garden and sanctury.

Please know that all contributions will be held stricly confidential, and no personal
information gathered during this process is stored on our servers. This link will take
you to our Legal Defense Donation page on a secured PayPal processing portal.

You can also send checks or money orders to:

Bruce or Brenda Shoop
19979 Greek Cemetery Road
Robertsdale, Alabama 36567

ANY Amount Will Help...

Your generous donations will be put
to good use in helping defend our
rights and the rights of others who
follow. God Bless You!

All proceeds remaining upon the conclusion
and disposition of our case will be promptly
contributed to The Cannabis Angels, an
underground group that provide for the
many seriously sick or infirmed in
need of Medicinal Marijuana.


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